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Setting up a student meal account allows parents access to an online account to replenish their child's lunch money, set up automatic payments, monitor what food is being bought and apply for free and reduced meals.  

Minerva Local School District uses PaySchools Central for Student Meal Accounts.  You can register at https://payschoolscentral.com/#/user/login.  There is no fee to use the system.  

Parents can:

  • Monitor online what their child eats for breakfast and lunch
  • Pay for students' meals online anytime via computer or phone
  • Schedule automatic payments online based on account balances; no more worrying about money being lost or rushing to find cash to pay for lunches 
  • Receive email notification of account balances
  • Pay with credit card or debit cards
  • Maintain one account for multiple students
  • Apply for free and reduced lunches online 

Parents who do not choose to use a student meal account for payments still can check to see what their children are buying via a 30 day history of food purchases.  Students whose families do not wish to deposit money into student meal accounts may pay cash for meals in the cafeteria line.  


If you encounter any issues, please contact PaySchools support by phone at 1-877-393-6628 or by email to [email protected]

If you are still have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 330-868-6293.


Thank you!

Stacey Bettis